Rachel Raabstract is a jack of all trades and brainchild of few. She is the creative Director at The Soda Shop a full-service graphic design and print firm; in historic Savannah, Ga She works with clients by responding to their unique priorities with hand crafted solutions, tailored to the “flavor of their brand”. She recetly founded Buddha Pants an clothing company dedicated to creating multi fuctional travel ready apparel. 

Raab was birthed from the minds of a gifted writer and a world-renowned painter. Raab’s work is a constant reflection of those surrounding her sometimes seen through whiskey-glazed eyes and the tail end of coffee-fueled creative binges. Her work is an abstraction of her surroundings. Raab just recently relocated to Miami Beach with a satellite studio and office in Savannah, GA. Get with her for a commission or a coffee!

Please don’t hesitate to ask for further information.