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Rachel Raab- Digital Artist - Skirt Mag


From poodles wearing rubber masks to warped landscapes…...

From poodles wearing rubber masks to warped landscapes featuring bubblegum pink skies, the Montreal-born photographer enjoys tweaking reality with her camera.

“I like seeing people’s reactions to far-out stuff, leave them guessing as to what a piece might be about.”

After earning a degree in photographic technology from Daytona BeachCollege in 2004, she stormed on the local scene with a scholarship to SCAD and her uniquely-twisted world view, garnering shows at the Black Orchid Tattoo Gallery, The Sentient Bean and the Jewish Educational Alliance. The 24 year-old has traveled the world snapping frames and can often be found on the dance floor at night, capturing the high energy of Savannah’s musicians.

“I want to continue capturing new places in new ways.” Rachel is also a self-proclaimed PEZ freak – and has over 1200 of the candy dispensers displayed in her downtown studio. Check it out: